In Rennes, wheelchairs ready for a new life

Rennes (AFP) - Tightly horizontally, hundreds of wheelchairs are waiting to live their new lives: in Rennes the Envie Autonomie network offers "second-hand but first-quality medical equipment", at a time when the government is going to experiment reimbursement of reconditioned wheelchairs.

“We buy a lot of second-hand cars, so why not wheelchairs resold as new and guaranteed?” Asks Bernard Victor, 65, who came to get a battery charger for his wheelchair.“I paid 70 euros.a second-hand charger reconditioned, while my supplier only offered me new, at 280 euros ", testifies this retired civil servant, suffering from polio since the age of one year, who says he no longer has" the feeling of being expected for [his] bank card ".

Specialized since 1994 in the repair of end-of-life household appliances, the Rennes-based integration company Envie 35 diversified in 2017 into medical equipment for the disabled, a unique offer in France, according to the management of the store-workshop of Rennes, an idea from its customers.

"In almost three years, we have collected 4,600 materials, mainly from nursing homes which piled up their used chairs and walkers in reserve, from hospitals or individuals", says director Ludovic Blot, stressing that the sector generates "a lot of waste ".

"Studies show that 30% of the prescribed equipment is no longer suitable once delivered, either because delivery times are too long and the disease has progressed, or even because the prescription is not suitable for the home of the person, "says Blot.

As for electric wheelchairs, the price of which varies from 2,000 euros to several thousand euros, or even more, they are used on average only three years, while their lifespan is at least 10 years ...

Posted Date: 2020-11-14

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