As with the purchase of a vehicle, you have the option of buying new or used spare parts.

Whether you plan to service your vehicle yourself or have it serviced by a professional, you have a choice between genuine new parts, new adaptable parts, reconditioned parts and used parts.When you buy parts on the internet you focus mainly on the price but there are other technical criteria that are also important to take into consideration, not all parts are the same.Original new partsThese are the parts sold by the manufacturer that you can buy exclusively at the dealership. Packaging and parts are stamped with the brand and manufacturer’s reference. The warranty is usually two years.It should be noted that new original parts are not always strictly identical to the parts installed as original equipment on the vehicle when it leaves the factory, as the latter may have undergone technical developments and modifications.Adaptable new partsThese are new parts that are scrupulously identical to the manufacturer’s parts but are marketed by automotive suppliers such as: New adaptable parts are cheaper than new original parts. However, certain operating elements such as the engine and gearbox are not available as adaptable parts.Reconditioned partsAs part of a standard exchange, you can purchase reconditioned parts from certain professionals who are authorized to do so. These are second-hand parts that are recovered from used vehicles and reconditioned to “new” by cleaning, technical inspection, etc. Reconditioned parts are consigned parts. This means that you must return the defective part to the seller in exchange for a discount or refund. Typical consigned products are turbos, alternators…etc Professionals have the legal obligation to clearly stipulate that they are reconditioned products and not new, be careful especially on the internet.Second-hand partsOn the classifieds sites, you can find a lot of second hand parts. Unlike reconditioned parts, used parts bought between private individuals do not carry any guarantee and you cannot always clearly identify the wear and tear of the part.Finally, how do I know if the new or used parts match my vehicle?There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself with the car dismantled on a bridge and the wrong part in your hands, is there? To avoid this kind of disappointment as much as possible, you must have your vehicle registration and fill in all the necessary information on the website or give it to the mechanic.

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